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Posted by Jason Pullen | Posted in Self Sufficient Living : Guide | Posted on 06-11-2011

My torch has been great up until now, however I think my mother in law has found its weak spot. Actually there is no thinking about it, she did!

Self Sufficient Living : Review

A broken crank handle !

A slight case of over-enthusiasm? maybe, or possibly revenge for me ruining her white sofa with a tomato. Either way the hinge that the handle is attached to is not at all strong, so beware. It’s still a great torch and I have augmented the design of the hinge with a hefty screw!


It gets very dark out here in the country! Checking on the chickens can be full of pitfalls,
especially in our undulating garden, the last thing I want is Elly and bump taking a tumble.
Time I figured, for a heavy duty torch.
Enter stage left the Lion Power Plus LED searchlight, packing a massive 3 watts of
power. Not impressed with those numbers? Well it’s more about substance than fancy
numbers.Self Sufficient Living Review : The Best Torch

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