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Posted by Jason Pullen | Posted in Self Sufficient Living: Review | Posted on 01-01-2014

Christmas has come and gone, presents exchanged some good some bad, some useful others not so. One present that I did receive was the Fiskars X27.



The X27 is a long handled log splitter, the head is shaped and coated to disperse wood and split cleanly. It’s designed for splitting medium to large logs, which we have an abundance of, and not get jammed in the process.
On Boxing day I took this baby for a cathartic joy ride…



Goggles, gloves, capped boots… Check! As most of my friends and family know I need all of the safety gear I can get, a job started usually ends up in bloodshed, mostly minor thankfully.
For starters I selected a smallish looking log, about 10 inches. Now I already have an axe, an old one granted, it’s been doing the job nicely albeit with some extra effort. With my old axe in mind I stood the log on its end and took a swing with the amount of effort that my old axe would require.


The first thing that I noticed was the much reduced vibration and impact. To be honest I hardly felt the axe head hitting the log, it was more the head hitting the base and impacting into it by quite some way. After a few more swings and split logs it soon became clear that the amount of effort needed to get results from this axe is a lot less than others. I don’t know if its the special coating or the shape of the head, whatever it was it never stuck or snagged. Compared to my older axe I would say the effort is about half of what I was expending before.
As usual I have to take things that little bit further, a rather large 30 inch by 10inch disk cut from our overgrown lime tree made for a good test. I did give it some wellie, expecting an epic fail but it split much easier than I would have ever thought. Previously I would have had to resort to a wedge to initially split something so large.
As you know this axe was a gift, and a jolly good one at that, but is it worth the high price tag? If I somehow managed to break it, I think yes I would buy another, considering how much wood I need to cut these days. If I didn’t have so much then I would probably go for a cheaper model.
In short this is a great axe, if you have lots of logs to cut, do not hesitate to buy this. if you are a casual chopper, so to speak, then something cheaper or smaller may be a better choice.


The Fiskars X27 comes with a handy blade lock and integrated hangers, to keep it out of the way of little hands.
Keep on chopping…

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