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You don’t need to have a vast sprawling area of land to live a more self sufficient lifestyle, we have a very modest house with a small ish plot but we make it work well for us.  OK if you live in a flat then you are not going to be able to live off what you produce, but you can certainly cut costs and reduce the amount of waste and products that you buy.

Here are a few quick hits that will help you if you don’t have a garden:

  • Grow salad leaves in a window box.
  • Grow pots of herbs inside.
  • Bake your own bread.
  • Save energy. Turn that stat down a couple of degrees! and the TV off standby.
  • Don’t use disposable nappies.
  • Recycle as much as you can.
  • Forage (There are so many berries just waiting for you.)
  • Grow chillies in a pot (Only the hot ones for me!)

If you have a tiny garden, try some of the following:

  • Grow pots of tomatoes.
  • Collect water for use in your garden.
  • Make your own compost
  • Plant some blueberry bushes

So you have a large garden or allotment. Try these tips.

  • Keep some chickens (don’t let the roam onto your vegetable patch!)
  • Grow your own vegetables.
  • Preserve Fruit
  • Grow some raspberries
  • Make your own jams
  • Keep some honey bees.
  • Create a small herb garden


There are many many other ways that efficiencies and health improving measures can be made,  we will go into these and the above tips in more detail in the following posts.


What do you grow in your garden or balcony? Let us know we would love to hear!


Jason and Elly

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