Self Sufficient Living : A sad day.


Posted by Jason Pullen | Posted in Self Sufficient Living : Keeping Chickens, Self Sufficient Living : News | Posted on 17-01-2012

The last of our original battery farm rescue chickens, Maud, died yesterday from what we suspect was egg yolk peritonitis.

The morning before she look very fluffed and bow legged, we thought that she may have an egg stuck. We made a temporary home for her out our small dog crate, gave her a warm bath and left her overnight to see how she, or rather the stuck egg, progressed. The next day she was no better, so off she went to the vets.  It turns out that she had a raging infection and a massive amount of fluid in her abdomen to boot. The decision to put hee to sleep was made.

Maud had a good two summers with us sunbathing, which is a lot better than the alternative once your productive time is over in the battery farm.  Now she is with her friends in the great chicken coop in the sky.

Our first batch of rescue chickens. RIP girls

Symptoms of egg yolk peritonitis

  • loss of appetite/anorexia
  • weakness
  • depression
  • respiratory distress
  • lethargy
  • fluffed feathers
  • lack of vocalizations
  • yolk-colored droppings
  • swollen vent and/or abdomen

RIP Maud




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