How to store your root vegetables


Posted by Jason Pullen | Posted in Self Sufficient Living : Guide | Posted on 05-10-2011

If you are like us you may have a glut of root crops and tummy’s to small to eat all of it before it rots.  So what do you do with them before they all go off?  Well you don’t have to use them all, you just need to store them.

The answer is build a min root cellar using a wooden barrel.

Mini Root Cellar

First dig a dip in the ground next to a wall and build up rocks so that the barrel can rest at a 45 degree angle with the lid facing outwards. Fill the space behind the barrel with earth, and cover with straw. Cover with a further layer of earth being careful not to cover the opening or get dirt in the barrel. Once covered fill with your various root crops, pack out with straw and secure a wooden board over the covered opening.

Using this mini cellar you should be able to keep your harvest a lot longer.



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