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Posted by Jason Pullen | Posted in Self Sufficient Living : Keeping Chickens | Posted on 01-01-2012

Now we have a bit more space and Jay has assembled Cluckington Towers, the new chicken coop seemed a little empty for our 3 girls, a visit to the rescue centre to get some more ex-batts was needed. The plan was to get 5 girls and a boy to keep them in line, it was all going well until I spotted 2 beautiful silvery grey ladies, so 3 became 11! Cluckington Towers may need an extension sooner than we anticipated. We have called the silver sisters Hyacinth and Violet, although we are not yet sure what they are! We also added 5 more ex-batts Myrtle the smallest of the group, her best pals Holly & Ivy, bossy/stroppy Naomi Campbell and Elizabeth Taylor and our preening Silkie boy Merrick!

Self Sufficient Living : Our White Cock

Meet 'Merrick' our new boy

Self Sufficient Living : New Chickens

New Chickens

Things seem to be settling down after the initial introduction, a rough version of kiss chase seemed to be going on and not just from Merrick. Poor little Myrtle seems to have gotten over the worst of it after we rubbed Shea butter into her comb, so the others couldn’t get a grip on it.
There is not much on the egg front right now, but we are expecting great things come the spring.

Stay tuned and if any of you can tell us what the silvery grey ladies are, please drop us a comment.


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