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My torch has been great up until now, however I think my mother in law has found its weak spot. Actually there is no thinking about it, she did!

Self Sufficient Living : Review

A broken crank handle !

A slight case of over-enthusiasm? maybe, or possibly revenge for me ruining her white sofa with a tomato. Either way the hinge that the handle is attached to is not at all strong, so beware. It’s still a great torch and I have augmented the design of the hinge with a hefty screw!


It gets very dark out here in the country! Checking on the chickens can be full of pitfalls,
especially in our undulating garden, the last thing I want is Elly and bump taking a tumble.
Time I figured, for a heavy duty torch.
Enter stage left the Lion Power Plus LED searchlight, packing a massive 3 watts of
power. Not impressed with those numbers? Well it’s more about substance than fancy
numbers.Self Sufficient Living Review : The Best Torch

This torch is a wind up torch, a few cranks on the handle, located at the back,
and it’s ready to go, and boy does it go! It cranks out a 10 meter beam that is visible from
over 10 km away! needless to say this is more than enough for your average garden or
small holding and it easily covers the area in front of me with a bright beam pattern.

Self Sufficient Living Review : The Best Torch
The design is really strong and sturdy, I have already dropped it on concrete and no harm
came to it. I love the pistol grip and trigger switch, it’s downfall is that it’s too much like a
pistol and I keep switching the trigger button like it’s a gun.

Self Sufficient Living Review : The Best Torch
There are a couple of odd things with this torch and they are the power supply and car
cigarette adaptors that come with it, why would I need them if it’s a wind up torch? It
makes me wonder about it’s wind up credentials. I guess it really depends if you wish to
use it for an extended period, but I don’t see the point, just wind it periodically. So far however it has worked fantastically, if this changes I will let you know.
In summary… Amazing! I cannot recommend this gadget enough! If you are after a good torch, now that the nights are drawing, in you cannot go wrong with the Lion Power Plus LED searchlight.


Here are some stats.

  • Dynamo and mains rechargeable LED searchlight
  • Kit includes AC and DC chargers and car charger
  • Maximum brightness: 160 LM
  • Weight: 440 gram
  • Colour: Blue/Black
  • LED Lifetime > 50,000 hours
  • Time fully charged by AC: 4-5 hours
  • Time fully charged by DC: 2-3 hours
  • Shine time fully charged: 2 hours
  • Shine time 1 minute of winding: 10 minutes
  • Battery: 3,6V 1,200 mAh Ni-MH
  • AC charger: 6V, 300 mAh
  • DC charger: 220-240V









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