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Posted by Jason Pullen | Posted in Self Sufficient Living: Review | Posted on 25-02-2012

Who needs the gym when you have wood to split! I’ve managed to source a generously sized walnut tree that had recently been felled, its been separated into logs of various sizes, some as large as 2 foot in diameter, these are way to big to be split with a simple axe, enter stage right, the wood grenade.

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The wood grenade is diamond shaped with a very sharp point and is designed to split logs into four, the pointy end is great for an easy start and placing directly in the centre of that log you are splitting, this is essential to splitting the log into more than two pieces.

I have a 4 pound sledgehammer and to be honest I’m not that handy with these things, I thought that I should start slowly, for my own sake and everyone around me!

I selected a uniform medium log with nice level cuts, placed it onto the larger cutting log and tapped the point end of the grenade directly into the center. After a couple of practice swings and a look around for a nosey Aflie (the last thing I want is to bash the dog with a sledgehammer, Elly would kill me!) I took a swing at the grenade. Ok it wasn’t the hardest clout ever, I think that the name gave me the impression that the log would explode without much effort, but it hadn’t. I whacked it again, this time with a little more effort, the log split into three nice even sections and my chins remained intact! hurrrar!

After a surge of manly adrenaline I thought to hell with safety and lets try a big log! I placed it in the centre of a foot and a half wide log and swung the hammer with all my new found adrenalin fueled strength! The grenade sunk a few inches into the logs centre, no sign of splitting. I hit it again, still nothing. Ok this was a big log and maybe this little grenade thing is just not upto the job. I gave it two more disheartened whacks, I figured a chainsaw is required. To my surprise the fourth hit split the log into two pieces whoot!… Time to really roll up my sleeves and get hammering.

After a good number of swings, some sweat and luckily no blood, I reduced the log pile to lot of nicley split logs and had the feel good post workout vibe to boot. grrrrrrr!

The wood grenade is a nice little tool, it can split some hefty logs but if you want a simple life get a chainsaw or a log splitter. However if you use this you will get a good workout and at the end of the day a pile of logs!

I couldent do without it!

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