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Posted by Jason Pullen | Posted in Self Sufficient Living: Review | Posted on 03-01-2012

The new house has really inefficent spotlights in every room and I think they generate more heat than they do light. Before I get hit with a massive energy bill, I think it’s time for a energy saving eco bulb makeover! (say that fast three times!)
Elly likes to be able to dim the lights as she sees fit, but the problem is we only have conventional  light switches and no dimmers. After trawling the web I found a great solution, a Switch dimmable energy saving light bulb.

A great switch dimmable eco bulb

Switch dimmable energy saving light bulbs enable you to dim the light even though you only have a normal light switch. All you have to do is flick the light on and off quickly and the light will enter the dim mode, it then pulsates from its lowest intensity to the maximum and back again. Switch the light on and off again at the level you want to set it, hay presto the setting will be remembered next time you turn the light on… Genius!

I cannot recommend this enough!

Technical Info:

Wattage (W): 20
Lumen Output (lm): 1300
Energy Label (Class): A
Diameter (mm): 54
Length (mm): 124
Weight (g):
Lifetime: 16,000h
Colour: 2700K Warm white

100W incandescent equivalent

At the end of its useful life, this energy saving lightbulb should be recycled at any household recycling site.


PLEASE NOTE: Do not use with a dimmer switch!


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