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Store water to cut you water usage

Demand for water in our homes is a third higher in the summer than in the winter largely because we are watering our plants. In fact up to 70% of the water demand on a summers evening is due to gardeners watering their plants. The amount of water we pour onto our gardens is only going to continue to increase. For these reasons we should try to use less water in our gardens and to it in the most efficient way we can.

One of the best things anyone who is looking for a more self sufficient living can do is to store rainwater. You will need some extra room to position a water butt so that you can use it to water plants and to top up water features etc during dry spells.

Water butts are widely available in various sizes and shapes usually in the recycled plastic or wood. Many local authorities will offer them at discount prices to encourage people to use them. A butt can be connected to a downpipe with a simple diverter kit which also prevents the butt from overflowing.

If you have any extra space you can even connect a second to the first one and install others to catch the rain from sheds or flat roofs.

How to use a water butt and watering tips.

Place your water butt on strong platform, so that you can fit a watering can easily under the tap bottom. Remember that it will weigh many times more when filled.

Put a lid on the butt to make it childproof and minimise evaporation.

Water your plants at the coolest time of day and direct the water at the roots. Watering during the hottest part of the day can mean up to 90% of the water evaporates, wasting what you collected.

Put a layer of mulch or bark chips or gravel around the plants to slow down evaporation from the soil.

Use large containers so the water is not evaporated quickly.


Stuff you will need

Sankey 100-Litre Slim Space-Saver Water Butt

Sankey Water Diverter Kit (Black, 0.5 Metres)

Sankey Slim Water Butt Sand (Black)

As ever let us know how you get on.

Jason and Elly

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